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Cannes festival 1992 fight



The climbing of the stairs to the Festivals Hall during a Cannes Film Festival is famous for its stars posing in front of all the world's cameras before the screenings.

It was a sunday night during the 1992 Festival when TV made sensation showing Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme having a fight on the steps of the Hall! We saw the two guys pushing and threatening each other, with the security guards stopping them. Report has since been made that it was a simulation, of course related to the Universal Soldier promotion they were doing.

"Graham Fuller: What about the tussle you and Jean-Claude had walking up the steps to the screening at the Palais des Festivals the other night? Was that a stunt?
Dolph Lundgren: Uh . . . a little bit. It was just something private, really, but it was no big deal. Nothing to worry about."
from an Unknown magazine interview, 1992

"At the beginning of the disquiet: a disagreement between the two actors about the editing of Universal Soldier. Van Damme supervised the final cuts and Lundgren isn't completely satisfied of the result. Machiavellian, Van Damme decides to take advantage of this animosity to make a good publicity drive. He informs his press attachés that a fight is likely to break, and in the limo that drives him with Dolph to the Hall, he heats up his stooge, bringing him on the edge. When the car arrives down the steps, Dolph is mad with rage and the trick is played." from Cine-News, #37, July 1992 (transltaed from French)

"At the Cannes Film Festival in May, the two stars found themselves on the same red carpet, going up the formal staircase to an evening screening. They exchanged words and got into a shoving match, right there in front of the world's TV cameras. Some said it was a publicity stunt. I say if you can do one thing and do it well, stick to it." Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-times, July 10, 1992

"It was a simulation." said François Frey, Dolph's PR in France, on French cable channel Action, July 2000