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This exclusive synopsis is based on the draft version they were about to film in 1998-99 with Casper Van Dien, but it must be the pretty same as the one they were working on with Dolph Lundgren.


ROBERT MCCORMICK, 70s, fit, narrates a slide show on nuclear power for a class of 4th graders. In the room is THERESA NEAL, late 20s, and other Principal Electronic employees. As the show comes to an end, the kids are ushered out for a complete tour of the plant.

Outside the plant, downriver, a team of masked, scuba-clad men prepare to "attack" the nuclear power plant. As Theresa, head of all computer systems running the plant, leads the kids through the plant, GALLAGHER and WADE ERICKSON splash into the Hudson. They look like a group of trained terrorists. They emerge from the water and slide up to the perimeter fence. Meanwhile, inside Theresa and the SHIFT SUPERVISOR are setting up the backup security systems. Cutting a hole in the fence, the men let themselves inside the grounds and are soon inside, sweeping down the halls with their guns drawn, employees are terrified as they continue down the hall into the main foyer, surprised to find a group of school kids there. Once it becomes clear that these men are not going to hurt anyone, everyone calms down. HOWARD FINCLER, head of plant security, steps forward and introduces himself to Gallagher. Apparently, they are Navy SEALs and this has been an exercise to test plant security. Theresa's eyes lock on Wade, but she turns away quickly when he notices her. Gallagher calls a briefing in ten minutes.

While Gallagher confers with Howard and his team on the essential security of the plant, Wade slides up to Theresa, speaking in a stage whisper. She is angry he's been incommunicado for two years. He tries to calm her, and finally she reluctantly agrees to dinner that night. He'll have to pick her up later at work though, thanks to the SEALs "break-in" she'll be there rebooting all the backup systems. Gallagher and Wade leave via helicopter as Howard walks into a barren office and makes a call. He tells the person on the other end they're all clear. As the sun is setting and Theresa finishes up her long day, Wade pulls up to the gates outside and is waved through. At the spot where the fence was cut, a guard fixing it is show through the neck with a crossbow. Four men in black commando gear rush onto the grounds. In the A-11 office, BOB ONE meets with Howard who briefs him on the remaining night crew in the plant. ADAM, a 16 year-old, pimply faced kid, known as the Wizard to Bob One, brings in his laptop and starts to hook it up. He punches some keys and the password option comes up, easy for this little hacker. Howard is anxious for them to do their job and get out so he can get his hands on his share of the cash. Adam is in the systems main brain and is changing to codes for the backup, leaving the crew at the plant with nothing once they are in control.

At the Plaza Hotel, BOB FOUR, a woman in her 30s, approaches Robert McCormick at a fundraiser to tell him he has an urgent call from the Indian River Nuclear Plant. She walks him outside to an old car, holding a gun on him, she pushes him in. Bob One and his boys are now moving through the plant, ushering guards and employees in to one room, he radios to BOB SIXTEEN and BOB FOURTEEN outside, who make their way to the loading dock. As Wade makes his way inside he hears the spray of bullets hitting the wall down further inside the plant. He grabs the guard and pulls him down in another cubicle as BOB SEVENTEEN, EIGHTEEN AND NINETEEN unload bullets on another guard. They leave the room and search for more guards to kill. Wade needs to be led to the control room, where Theresa is and completely unaware of the real terrorist attack going on. As they move down the hallway, Theresa comes out near the access data room, surprised to find Wade sneaking around with parks. He explains they've heard Bob One on the phone to Robert McCormick demanding money be made available for transfer, $500 million, as soon as possible, every forty minutes an employee will die. If the money is not offered, all will be killed and they will blow up the plant, killing millions in the tri-state area. Wade needs Theresa to counteract Adam's computer, and re-install the backup security system that will protect the plant from being decimated.

McCormick places a call to TODD KIRBY, his head PR guy to let him know about the terrorist's request. McCormick is being held in a warehouse by Bob Four and FIVE and can't tell Kirby haw serious this situation is, Kirby promises to have it done. Wade and Parks leave Theresa to find a phone. The terrorists have cut all the lines at the plant. In the parking lot Wade jams a knife into the ignition of a truck with a car phone. He Gallagher who tells him this might be over his head and to get out. Three Bob terrorists are moving around the lot destroying cars with phones. Wade hangs up and the two hide. Gallagher is on the phone with FBI agent KUDELSKI within moments. They discuss the severity of the situation while the clocks ticks inside the plant.

Wade and Parks find Theresa and the three put on radiation suits, they need to prepare for the worst, wade doesn't know if or when anyone will be sent to help them. While they dress, Parks pushes Wade for information about being a SEAL. It is here that we learn of his and Theresa's past. Wade's partner was her husband, DON, who dies two years prior while Wade was covering for him. Parks has hit a nerve, we can see it in Wade's eyes, yet he continues his story of the courageous SEAL who was his best friend, as Theresa's eyes tear and she accepts Wade's discreet apology.

Wades moves out and is able to kill two of the terrorists. Bob One is soon very much aware that there is a loose pill running around, and a smart one, that could jeopardize everything. Wade disarms a bomb of C-4 one of the Bob' had set in the reactor, as they make the connection to Theresa and Bob One sends one of his men to find her. When wade gets back to Parks he tells him they've kidnapped her as he hid. Wade slips through the plant and finds Bob One taking off with Theresa. The Money has been arranged, Adam's job is done, too simple for him. Wade jumps into the river, taking off and gives chase, as Kudelski and three swat guys are in a helicopter overhead, unable to distinguish between any of the Bobs and Wade. On the bike, Wade pulls an Evil Kinevil move which throws two of the Bobs splashing into the water. Kudelski realizes which one is Wade. As Bob Six is pulled under the surface of the water, BOB TWELVE turns in a panic. He then is pulled under as well. Wade breaks the surface and sees another one of their hostages struggling in the water, the Asst. Supervisor. Dragging her to shore, he wants to know where Theresa is. An arrow hits her in the leg as Wade looks across the way to see BOB EIGHT and Bob One with their crossbows. He finds a fishing line and tosses it at Bob Eight, the two disentangle themselves as they jump into the water. He takes his gun and sneaks up to BOB TWO, kicking him disarming him easily. The Asst. Supervisor diverts BOB THREE's attention as Wade comes up behind and shoots.

Downriver at a construction site, Kudelski meets Wade, who's going back inside the plant to rescue the others. Gallagher steps out of the helicopter and agrees to help. Inside, Bob One and Adam sit at a computer, which reads a Meltdown in three minutes. Theresa finds Wade and rushes him to the emergency water pumps. The only way the plant can be saved is to make sure the valves are open to relieve the steam and pressure and let the water cool the core. As they run from valve to valve, seeing most panels are locked up by Adam's computer expertise, Adam and Bob One enjoy a countdown. Bob One notices Theresa and Wade on one of the monitors.

Bob One dives at Wade, a gun goes off and Wade rolls off Bob One to reveal blood seeping through his shirt. Bob laughs as Theresa unsuccessfully tries to get into the last containment of the plant. His eyes turn to the heavens and as he slips away, and the countdown continues. Theresa and Parks continue to slam into the containment bars, they finally start to give a little. The wheel is spinning easily now from the water pressure, as the danger for a nuclear meltdown drops away. The three hobble through the turbine room as the camera pulls back to reveal as sign which reads HAVE A NICE DAY.

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