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In the future, a group of scientists make a dangerous first attempt trip back in time in order to prevent a global biological disaster that'll mark the beginning of the end of all life on earth. JOHN FOSTER (DOLPH LUNDGREN), Captain of the PARSIFAL, quickly discovers that he and his flight crew have fallen victim to a mutiny, lead by DALTON and his team of Special Ops Commandos. Through a series of counter moves, John manages to storm the Parsifal's flight deck and regain control of the ship, using an encryption code. With the Parsifal in John's hands, Dalton and his commandos use every measure and every device to take the ship back. As John navigates the ship back to the 21st century, the flight deck doors are blasted open...!

The present... The NATHANIEL PALMER, a polar research vessel under the command of CAPTAIN ROBERT DAVIS, trudges through dangerous Antarctic pack ice. ANDREW SCHRADER, the expeditions sole patron, is steadfast on proving that life on earth originated from what is termed "planet seeding." Newly discovered meteors containing bacteria support his theories. That evening, RENEE WILKES, a scientist, spots an object racing across in the sky. She tells Andrew that she believes this object is a meteor and that with a day or two of travel, the Nathaniel Palmer should be able to reach it. The ship changes course for the object, but as it gets closer, communications and electrical systems mysteriously malfunction, cutting the Nathaniel Palmer off from the outside world. To make matters worse, the crushing ice has trapped the ship in tight. Andrew and his team proceed ahead on snowmobiles. They soon discover a path of displaced snow and hundreds of exposed meteors. Samples are collected, not knowing that they contain a deadly off world bacteria. Suddenly, John, injured and unconscious, is spotted on the horizon. The researchers take him back to the Nathaniel Palmer in hopes of healing and reviving him. Unbeknownst to all, Dalton and his surviving Commandos, formulate a plan to not only take the Parsifal back, but to kill John and everyone aboard the Nathaniel Palmer.

Before long, Nathaniel Palmer crew begin to show the horrific and violent signs of the off-world bacteria. With John nursed to health and back on his feet, Renee briefs him of the ship's dire predicament. John soon surmises that his return to the past, the crash of his ship and the discovery of the meteors, sets into motion the terrible outbreak to come. The situation grows critical. The ship rapidly takes on water and Renee has become infected. Compounding this and other problems is Dalton's return, with several commandos. Explosive gunfights ensue and time, which has worked full circle and must be changed, is quickly running out for everyone.

(from The Carousel Picture Company)


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