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"Norton commercials" August 2010

"Jimmy K. and The Expendables Solve Problems" 13 August 2010

GMTV (UK) 9 August 2010

"CTV Canada AM" (Canada) 29 July 2010

AbsoluteRadio 9 July 2010

"Loose Women" 8 July 2010

"Breakfast" 8 July 2010

"Eye of the Tiger" (13 March 2010)

"Hittar otet" (5/5) (13 March 2010)

"Hit, men inte längre" (4/5) (6 March 2010)

Ödet var min väg" (3/5) (27 February 2010)

"För kung och fosterland" (2/5) (20 February 2010)

"Kall som is" (1/5) (13 February 2010)

"A Little Less Conversation" (6 February 2010)

"Gomorron Sverige" (2 February 2010) Part1 Part2

"Filmmys med Dolph" (22 January 2010)

"Skavlan" (4 December 2009)
Fox News "Red Eye" (6 November 2009) (interview "Command Performance")
"Attack of the Show" (5 November 2009) (behind the scenes interview)
"Attack of the Show" (5 November 2009) (interview "Command Performance")
"Up Close with Carrie Keagan" (US) 4 November 2009 (interview "Command Performance")
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (3 November 2009)
Entertainment Tonight, "DL big comeback" (29 May 2009)
About the Dolph Lundgren Scholarship in Kramfors, Sweden (April 2009)
On the "Expendables" movieset interview (April 2009)
Dolph Answers Fan Questions (movieset) (April 2009)
At Impact Gym (2009)
Red Eye "Command Performance" interview (13 December 2008)
FoxNews Youtube
"Give a little bit" (November 2008) Dolph & Anette Various Artists
"Richard & Judy" (November 2008)
Best Bits Part 1 Part 2
"Azis Show" (11 August 2008) Interview (16mins, July 2008)
.Wmv (122 Mb) .mp4 (193Mb)
Shouto na Slavi (Slavi's Show) (27 May 2008)
Action Heroes Special (21 mins, Denmark, 10 May 2008)
Show omitted clip
"Dolph Lundgren: spare some..." (8 April 2008)
"Missionary Man" at AFI Dallas 08, 12mins interview (5 April, 2008)
"Command Performance" Moscow location scout (4 April 2008)
Russia Today YouTube
German "Missionary Man" promo spots
The Magnificent Six, charity show (21 February 2008)
FHM YouTube
Inside MMA (1h)(8 February 2008)
HDnet Sherdog
RT Spotlight, 24 mins interview (November 2007)
Russia Today YouTube
Dolph's birthday in Malaga, (November 2007)
King of the Ring (10 June 2007, Moscow, Russia)
Dolph Lundgren vs. Oleg Taktarov part 1 part 2
The Inquiry press conference (2 April 2007, Madrid)
Music video, 2006
Irson Kudikova: "Kosmosa"
On the set of Kosmosa 2006
Interview Cannes 2006 .wmv 25.8 MB
Into the Night/Durch die Nacht documentary (May 2006)
karate clip
Guest appearance at V Graham Norton (2003)
Dolph teaches Graham a few moves .ram (1:11)
(courtesy of Channel 4)
Dolph and his wife Anette (1995-96)
short clip .mov 598 ko
The Word (1992) .flv
Bodycount's in the House (1992)
Swedish Interview (November 3, 1990)
"Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches" 21 October 1989
Part1  |  Part2
Pleurnisher (1989)
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karate clips
Into the Night/Durch die Nacht documentary (May 2006)
karate clip
7th World Open Kyokushinkai Karate Tournament (Tokyo, 1999)
demo (tameshiwari)
Dolph Lundgren in a karate demonstration (1992)
demo 1 .mpg 1.59 Mb
demo 1 .wmv 7.50 Mb
demo 2 .mpg 3.38 Mb
demo 3 .mpg 2.34 Mb
(courtesy of Chris Wong's Karate site)
5th World Open Kyokushinkai Karate Tournament (Tokyo, 1991)
demo (tameshiwari) .rm 1.02 Mb
(courtesy of
Competing at the 2nd World Kyokushin Karate Tournament 1979
Youtube1 YouTube2

Agent Red
US video trailer

Bridge of Dragons
US video trailer
Scott Schwarzt vs. Dolph Lundgren
clip 1 .mov 860 ko clip 2 .mov 1.26 Mb clip 3 .mov 1.03 Mb
Scott Schwarzt vs. Cary Tagawa
clip 4 .mov 946 ko clip 5 .mov 1.23 Mb
(courtesy of Scott Schwartz)

Command Performance
Trailer .flv
Music video .flv
Promo Reel .flv
In Sofia
Behind the scenes clips .flv
Behind the scenes montage .flv
On the set of "Command Performance" with Piligrim
clip1 clip2 clip3 clip4 clip5 clip6
Teaser Trailer .flv
(courtesy of Nu Image)

Trailer (international) .flv
US video trailer .flv

Dark Angel / I Come In Peace
International Trailer
US Trailer
Extra-Clip [misc. scenes] .rm
courtesy of NY Times

The Defender
clip .wmv 10.7 Mb
Trailer .mov 16 Mb
Trailer (Japanese) .asx
Promo reel
TV report on location
clip .wmv 3.15 Mb
(Thanks to

Early trailer
US video trailer
Trailer (low res) .mov 3.39 Mb
Trailer (medium res) .mov 8.71 Mb
Trailer (high res) .mov 19.8 Mb
(from FilmWeb)
Clip .mov 3.99 Mb
(from Geoharmonic)

Diamond Dogs
Toll Road .flv
Tangka .flv
It's Really Here .flv
Details .flv
First Impression (clip) .flv
US DVD trailer .flv
Original Trailer .flv
Trailer (low res) .wmv
(from Fellow's DVD&Video)

Direct Action
Promo reel (rare)
Trailer (US) .asf 909 ko
Trailer (International/German) .wmv 6.52 Mb
Trailer (Japanese) .asx 8.7 Mb

Direct Contact
US video trailer
German trailer

The Expendables
Dolph on "The Expendables"
First Official Behind the Scenes footage

Hidden Agenda
US video trailer
Trailer .wmv 3.96 Mb

Teaser Trailer
Samantha Ferris interview
Dolph Answers Fan Questions
Stefanie von Pfetten interview
Stunt Preparation

The Inquiry (The Final Inquiry)
Trailer .YouTube

Jill Rips
US video trailer
International Trailer .mov 2.16 Mb
Japanese Trailer .ram

Joshua Tree / Army Of One
International Trailer
Trailer .asx
US Video Trailer

The Last Patrol / The Last Warrior
US video trailer .flv

Masters Of The Universe
Movie Commercial
Trailer .wmv 4.28 Mb Trailer .ram
Commercial (movie figures) .avi 2.26 Mb
Intro & main title .ram
Mine! .ram
(courtesy of
"I have the Power!" .mpg 1.8 Mb
(courtesy of
MOTU Thanksgiving parade (Dolph commenting the float live from NY, 1986) .wmv 6.62 Mb
Rare Teaser Trailer .flv

Men of War
International Trailer .mov 3.38 Mb
US Trailer (Miramax) .mov 4.53 Mb

The Mechanik
Trailer .asf 3.10 Mb
Trailer (German) .wmv 5.9 Mb
Trailer .asx
Trailer .wmv .rm
(courtesy of The New York Times)
movie clips .asx

The Minion
US Trailer .mov 1.46 Mb
(courtesy of Starwatch 2000 / Buena Vista)

Missionary Man
Official trailer
high res .mov 11Mb high res .flv 2Mb
medium res .wmv 4Mb
UK TV spot
"Someplace Safe" .flv
"Peace, Brother" .flv
"We own this town" .flv
"Make the best of it" .flv
Trailer .flv
Ryder kills Jarfe behind the scenes MySpace (SPOILER)
Ryder shoots at Murphy and Gomez behind the scenes MySpace
Drug smugglers behind the scenes MySpace
Slideshow behind the scenes slideshow YouTube
Powerboat and explosion behind the scenes YouTube
explosion behind the scenes 3/07 MySpace
gunfight on main street behind the scenes 3/8/07 MySpace

US video trailer

The Peacekeeper
US video trailer

The Punisher
Rare theatrical Teaser MySpace
Trailer .mov 18.5 Mb
Clip .mpg 2.51 Mb
(courtesy of

US video trailer
Director's cut trailer (YouTube)
American Cinema International (as "Identity") .wmv 7.5Mb
Europa Filmes (various formats) .mov / wmv 961ko / 22Mb
Trailer .asx 10 Mb

Rocky IV
Teaser YouTube
Trailer .mov 23.1 Mb

The Shooter / Hidden Assassin
Movie clip .mpg 3.37 Mb

Showdown in Little Tokyo
Rare behind the scenes footage and B. Lee Interview

Silent Trigger
Trailer (French dubbed)

Storm Catcher
US video trailer
International Trailer .mov 3.35 Mb

Trailer .flv
US video trailer

Universal Soldier
Rare Behind the scenes
TV spot
Making of +rare interviews #1 YouTube
Making of +rare interviews #2 YouTube
Teaser .mpeg 9 Mb
Trailer .mov 10.7 Mb
clip .mov 670 Kb

Universal Soldier 3
Slide show
behind the scenes 1
behind the scenes 2
behind the scenes 3
behind the scenes 4

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