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THE EXPENDABLES 3 La-La Land / Silva Screen Records (CD) | Intermezzomedia (CD)
A CERTAIN JUSTICE / PUNCTURE WOUNDS Moviescore Media (mp3) | iTunes (mp3) | Moviescore Media (mp3) |
AMBUSHED Milan Records | iTunes (mp3) | The Movie Music Store
LEGENDARY Moviescore Media/Kronos Records Kronos Records (CD) Intrada (CD) Screen Archives (CD)| (mp3) | iTunes (mp3) |
THE EXPENDABLES 2 Lionsgate Records/Silva Screen Silva Screen | (mp3) | iTunes (mp3) | | Screen Archives | Chris' Soundtrack Corner
SMALL APARTMENTS Elevator/EMI Music | iTunes (mp3) | |
THE EXPENDABLES Lionsgate Records/Silva Screen Silva Screen | | iTunes (mp3) | | BuySoundtrax | Screen Archives | Chris' Soundtrack Corner
DIAMOND DOGS Crime Inc/Sonic Persuasion - Acidplanet
THE INQUIRY / L'INCHIESTA Rai Trade - Intermezzo Media | Chris' Soundtrack Corner | | Screen Archives
RETROGRADE Stormworks - Stormworld | CD Baby |
SILENT TRIGGER Shiro Records -
THE SHOOTER / HIDDEN ASSASSIN RTI Music - | Chris' Soundtrack Corner | iTunes (mp3)
JOHNNY MNEMONIC Sony Records - Amazon Tape | CD
UNIVERSAL SOLDIER Varèse Sarabande - Amazon: Tape | CD | Chris' Soundtrack Corner
SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO Nouveau Records - Amazon: CD | Tape
THE PUNISHER Perseverance Records - | Chris' Soundtrack Corner | Intrada
RED SCORPION Varèse Sarabande - Amazon: Vinyl | CD | Tape | Screen Archives | Chris' Soundtrack Corner
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Varèse Sarabande/SilvaScreen/La-La Land Records/Intrada - Amazon: LP | Tape | CD2008 complete score:Amazon | Chris' Soundtrack 2012 edition: Intrada | Screen Archives | Chris' Soundtrack | Amazon
ROCKY IV Scotti Bros./Volcano/Intrada - Various artists: Amazon: LP | Tape | CD (original) Japanese (Import) | CD (remastered+bonus track) Vince DiCola score: Intrada | Screen Archives | Chris' Soundtrack | Amazon
A VIEW TO A KILL Capitol Records/EMI - | Chris' Soundtrack Corner
THE EXPENDABLES by Sylvester Stallone, 12-11-08 HollywoodBook&Poster
JOHNNY MNEMONIC by William Gibson, revised draft 1-26-92 HollywoodBook&Poster | revised draft 11-29-93 HollywoodBook&Poster | unknown draft BookCity Script Shop
PENTATHLON by James Wilson, final shooting draft 8-16-93, HollywoodBook&Poster
UNIVERSAL SOLDIER by Dean Devlin, 1st draft 3-30-91, HollywoodBook&Poster | shooting draft 7/8/91 BookCity Script Shop
SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO by Stephen Glantz, Calope Battlestreet, Steve Sharon, HollywoodBook&Poster | by Jonathan Lemkin (production rewrite) 1-2-91 BookCity Script Shop
DARK ANGEL / I COME IN PEACE by Jonathan Tydor & David Koepp (rewrite), 3-3-88, HollywoodBook&Poster
THE PUNISHER by Boaz Yakin, 3rd draft 8-87 HollywoodBook&Poster | by Robert Kamen, 1st draft 3-1-88 (rewrite) HollywoodBook&Poster BookCity Script Shop
RED SCORPION by Arne Olsen, unknown draft HollywoodBook&Poster
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE by David Odell, draft 12-5-85, HollywoodBook&Poster | first draft BookCity Script Shop
ROCKY IV by Sylvester Stallone, revised final draft 5-17-85 HollywoodBook&Poster | unknown draft BookCity Script Shop
A VIEW TO A KILL by Richard Maibaum, Michael Wilson,1st draft revised 8-3-84 HollywoodBook&Poster | first draft 6/20/84 BookCity Script Shop
Novelizations and comics
SMALL APARTMENTS (novel) - Anvil Press | Amazon
THE EXPENDABLES (comic book prequel)
JILL RIPS (novel)
JOHNNY MNEMONIC (novelization)
JOHNNY MNEMONIC: The Screenplay and the Story
UNIVERSAL SOLDIER (novelization)
I COME IN PEACE / DARK ANGEL (comic book adaptation)
THE PUNISHER Movie Special (comic adaptation)
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (comic book adaptation)
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (official poster magazine)
ROCKY IV (novelization)
ROCKY IV (official movie magazine)
ROCKY IV (official poster magazine)
A VIEW TO A KILL (The James Bond Storybook)
Misc. merchandise
- Official Merchandise
- do a search for either auctions or ebay stores or lundgren -dolph just dolph Spanish collectibles: do a search for 'lundgren'
- Japanese collectibles
- screenplays, still photos, posters, ...
- Magazine back issues featuring Dolph articles
- Ivan Drago T-shirts and ring costume!
& - Ivan Drago (Rocky IV) Jakks & Hot Toys action figures
| | Durch die Nacht mit... Dolph Lundgren und Ralph Herforth
Graham Norton: For Your Pleasure: DVD featuring clips from Dolph's guest appearance in 2001
The Norman Gunston Show vol. 3: DVD featuring Dolph's guest appearance in 1993
- Chicago Film Festival 1986' Skrebneski's Poster - The first poster to put a celebrity into a Film Festival T-shirt.


- Magazines with Dolph in them - use her great search engine!


- is selling props from Masters of the Universe (e-mail them to get the list)
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