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Icarus (2007-2009)

directed by Dolph Lundgren

They wouldn't let him quit.


plot summary

Trained KGB assassin, Edward Genn (codename Icarus) has worked years ago as a sleeper in the USA. After the Soviet Union collapsed, he tries to start over and lead a respectable quite life. But soon, Edward s forced to face his demons of the past and protect the loved ones of the present. He must fight against everything to save the only thing he has done right in his life. He must uncover who is after him and get to his family before all is lost. (read synopsis)

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Dolph Lundgren Director
Dolph Lundgren Edward Genn
Lindsay Maxwell April
Monique Ganderton Kim
Malcom Stewart Jeff
John Tench Sergei

genre Action / Drama
budget $5 million
production co(s) CineTel Films / Insight Film Studios
location(s) Vancouver, BC, Canada
writers Raul Inglis / Dolph Lundgren
producers Kirk Shaw / Paul Hertzberg / Gordon Yang

web links
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The Film Catalogue

news & updates

September 2008
"Insight Film Studios announces, “Icarus” a new action thriller starring Dolph Lundgren. With "Icarus" Lundgren will lead a double life, both on and off screen. Taking the reins as Director and star, Lundgren’s on-screen persona "Icarus" balances his secret past as a Russian trained hit-man with a new life as father and patriarch to an idyllic, loving suburban US family -- a family who are completely unaware of their dad's nefarious past. But when Lundgren's wife and children become pawns in an international game of kill or be killed, Dolph has no choice but to rely on his Soviet training to protect his loved ones from both the killers and from his own secret identity. Unfortunately, as their lives are driven deeper and deeper into jeopardy, Lundgren risks losing his family as they begin to piece together the truth about his former life as an assassin behind the iron curtain.

“Icarus” goes to camera this fall, shooting at Insight Film Studios in Vancouver. Kirk Shaw, Insight CEO and “Icarus” Producer had this say, “Dolph’s talent behind the camera is just as strong as his presence on camera. 'Icarus' is an action packed and ideal film fit to showcase Lundgren’s acting and directing skills.”

In talking about this double role, Lundgren stated, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to act in and direct ‘Icarus,’ where great action is paired with character-based psychological drama.” I hope to continue the tradition of great films such as Luc Besson’s ‘The Professional’ and David Cronenburg’s ‘A History of Violence,’ that use this combination to really engage the audience.” "
from Insight Film Studios

August 6, 2008
"Lundgren signs on for action thriller

Now Vancouver-based Insight Film Studios has signed on the fleshy actor to both direct and act in
Icarus, a $6-million action thriller.
Insight president/executive producer Kirk Shaw recently flew Lundgren in to have dinner, meet with a local scriptwriter, scout locations and seal the deal. "We're writing the script to location which can be a little more cost effective," said Shaw, who added the script has just come in and it looks good.
Filming is set to begin in October and last for about five weeks."
from The Vancouver Sun

July 30, 2008
Paul Hertzsberg, CEO of CineTel Films, mentions Icarus to be filmed in November in an interview to Blog Talk Radio.

"Lundgren directs for Insight
by: Ilona Beiks
Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren will be doing double duty in Vancouver this October when he directs and stars in
Icarus, a $6-million action thriller backed by Vancouver's Insight Film Studios." from Playback

July 21st, 2008
"CineTel picks up Lundgren's 'Icarus'

Company acquires int'l distrib rights to actioner

Film Production and distribution company CineTel Films has acquired international distribution rights to Dolph Lundgren's "
Icarus," which is set to start production this fall with Insight Film Studios.

Lundgren will direct and star in the film.


In "Icarus," Lundgren plays a Soviet-trained assassin determined to escape his double life as a hitman and as a husband-father.

Raul Inglis penned the script. Insight Film Studios president Kirk Shaw will produce." from Variety

May 15th, 2008
"I'm also supervising a re-write of ICARUS, the assassin film that I plan to shoot in Vancouver later in the fall. The script is coming along very well, a sort of LEON meets A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE!" email from Dolph Lundgren

February 17th, 2008
"I'm also working on a script called Icarus that's about an assassin. I play a bad guy. I'm a good adversary to come up against so I wanted to develop a story like that with an interesting bad guy. It's a three-character drama. There's an assassin, a CIA agent and girl. They're involved romantically and there's also a political narrative about the country and the future." from

February 11, 2008
"I’m working on the script. I think it’s turning out pretty good, it’s kind of interesting. It’s a three character piece and there’s a hitman, played by yours truly, because I wanted to play a bad guy again. People kind of enjoy me as that. Then there’s another younger guy and then there’s a girl. It’s a love triangle mixed with political intrigue and the United States in turmoil not far in the future. I think it’s going to be cool." from The Deadbolt

December 5, 2007
Announced on Dolph's offcial site:
"Also about to deliver a screenplay called ICARUS, that I'd like to direct next year. A two-character piece about a cop and an assassin... I'm the assassin of course... Time to play the bad guy again, last time was Johnny Mnemonic in 1994!"


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